Truluck’s Dallas – 5.0 ★

Truluck’s Dallas – 5.0 ★

Located on McKinney Avenue in Dallas is one of the most amazing steakhouses you’ll find – Truluck’s Dallas. I reserve visits here for special occasions to preserve its place as a destination restaurant of mine.

This review will focus on our recent visit in August to celebrate my birthday, I was accompanied by 2 awesome friends and our time spent in Truluck’s didn’t disappoint.

On this visit, we arrived around 30 minutes prior to our reservation and took 3 seats at their downstairs bar on arrival. In anticipation of the steak we would soon be ordering we requested a bottle of wine from their bountiful wine list, after some deliberation, we chose one of my favourite reds – the Fess Parker, Clone 115, Santa Rita Hills, 2014 Pinot Noir. 3 glasses poured and a mouthful each later, we were relaxed and awaiting the culinary experience soon to be received.

Once we reached our reservation time the maître d’ collected us from the bar and showed us upstairs to our table which this time was in a booth nested away in the left wing of the building. No sooner had we taken our seats, our waiter arrived to welcome us and offer us an assortment of bread after handing us the Dinner menu.

Easily overlooked, Truluck’s bread selection truly is impressive – from white rolls to wheat and everything in between, you’ll be sure to find something to suit as you peruse the menu.

Bread eaten, we decided on our mains. After much deliberation we opted for the featured oysters to start along with a portion of Prime Meatballs, an odd combination granted but we really couldn’t decide between the two as they’re both equally as mourish. For mains we ordered 2 Filet Oscar Royales and one Chefs Filet, all opting for a medium-rare cooking style.

The appetizers arrived promptly and were devoured just as quick! Truluck’s oysters really hit the spot served up on the half shell with mignonette, cocktail sauce and a truly atomic horseradish (just a tiny portion can be tasted without any doubt!). The Prime Meatballs made up of prime chuck, brisket and short rib meat also reminded us how great it was to be sat back in this restaurant.

We took the opportunity to order a second bottle of the same amazing Pinot Noir as we started with as our appetizer plates were cleared away, and then it was time for our main course. Each of us looked as eager as the next whilst 3 plates were sat down in front of us and our choice of sides (Parmesan Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus) were placed into the middle of our table for us to enjoy family style.

The steaks were cooked exactly as requested, charred on the outside yet deliciously soft and red on the inner. The table fell silent as we all appreciated how incredible the food we were consuming was.

Plates were empty within minutes, all 3 of us agreeing how spectacular the steak was – not forgetting the sides which compliment the meat so well, thick stems of asparagus & smooth mashed potato.

As our plates were once again cleared by our attentive waiter, an unexpected desert was placed on our table – Truluck’s had duly noted it was my birthday and presented me with a Baked Alaska set on a plate with Happy Birthday written in chocolate frosting. The desert was set alight in front of me and tasted just as we expected – wonderful.

We paid our check and moved back downstairs to the bar to finish off our glasses of wine. Once the wine was finished, we ordered a final cocktail to end the night – again one of my ultimate favourites, a Vesper. And boy can Truluck’s make a good one!

Overall the night was truly superb, Truluck’s remains a restaurant I cannot wait to visit again!

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